What are the things an Android developer must know?


Java is the language that is underpinning all Android development.


Android developers need to know XML for creating layouts that will be serving as the foundational UI definition for Android applications.

Android SDK:

Android developers devote much of their time to discover how the various SDKs for Android can be pieced together in different ways to put together an application.

Android Studio:

Built on top of the well respected IntelliJ IDE, it has been coming out of the box support for many of the most common Android SDKs.


As an Android developer, you’ll likely want to interact with many other services. For example, you may want to allow your users to access a calendar from a third party service or check the stock market. Many companies offer APIs and will tell you exactly how to query them for data in a consistent, secure way. While you’re free to interact with any existing API, Google also makes it very easy to connect to their own APIs from your Android app. For example, you can easily use Google sign-in API to sign-in into your app using Google account of your users.


If you are having apps that are handling a large amount of data, usage of the external device becomes indispensable. Android developers need to have proficiency in syncing data between local storage and remote database.

Material Design:

In contrast to competitors like Apple, Google has not historically maintained a consistent design aesthetic across their products. However, there has been a methodical change in Google’s approach. It has released a set of forward-thinking interface guidelines and standards called material design. These standards will be including tips on layering various elements on the screen and using specific styles like drop shadows.


There is no doubt about Android being an exceptional platform for the developers. It offers a great opportunity for developers to show their coding expertise while developing the apps.

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