Thinking of starting a career in App Development????

A degree in Computer Science is not required to become Application Developer,  Depending on what you want to be, maybe programmer or developer, there exist various platforms to learn to code. For Example Udemy, Udacity, edx and many more. We are also providing basics of App Development through Youtube and this website.

Most recommended programming language for people who want to make a career in mobile application development:

  • C: 
Is the most basic and widely used languages. C language is the foundation for other languages. Learning the fundamentals and keeping a watch on how it interacts with hardware will give you the proficiency in debugging, memory management, and write efficient coding.

  • Java: 
Being the second most widely used programming language, practices Object Oriented Principles (OOP), which are used in C++, Perl, Python, and PHP. Java language requires lots of manipulation to computer parts like a file system, graphics, and an advanced programming that can work on any operating system.

  • Python: 
This language is fun and easy learning due to its simplicity yet great capabilities. Writing of this code is easy with good programming style, requires less time, fewer lines of code, and fewer concepts to learn. Beginners can learn this quickly.

  • JavaScript: 
It is the enhanced programming language yet simple. It requires less time to set up and get started as many browsers have built-in JavaScript. You can begin with loosely coded lines to see immediate results of your code.

These are not the only programming languages necessary to become a mobile application developer, but these are the most basic languages to begin your career. You can pick other languages like HTML, OpenGL, Animation,.Net, and much more based on your interest and role.

Choose Your Right Path:
Whether you want to be developer, coding, or hacker, you can select from the below job role that suits you most:

  • Back-end/Server-side Programmer:

It requires one of the following:  Python, Ruby, PHP, Java or .Net. Possible possess knowledge about database and system administrator.

  • Front-end/Client-side Programmer:

It requires HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some designing skills. .

  • Mobile Programmer:

For developing mobile websites, requires Objective-C or Java (for Android), HTML/CSS and some knowledge of the server-side.

  • High-Performance Programmer:

To be a programmer, requires C/C++, Java, and good in mathematics or quantitative analysis.

Future of Mobile application developer:

The industry is now eight years into the mobile modernization and seven years since the emergence of the apps economy. It is the best time for the mobile app developers to be full-fledged in the next five to ten years.
Building quality and responsive apps can increase the customer interaction and provided greater advantages for the app development companies. Though many organizations develop the business apps for smart-devices, the impacting apps can influence the customer’s mind.
Customer loyalty is established easily through an interactive mobile app. People find it better to access all necessary information and have some fun with apps. Subscription to apps is also a greater source of generating revenue for your businesses. Gaining reputation by increasing the brand’s visibility can find a place in markets to get a good frame over your competitors.


In the beginning, it would be hard to learn the programming language. Choosing and learning something small makes it fun to write codes and test. To be a mobile application developer, you should learn to write new coding languages for developing new apps.

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